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Throughout the ELEMENT SKATE CAMP SPAIN participants will skate daily combining skateboarding with many other different activities such as:

1. Languages
The intercultural and international environment that we have makes our camps the best place to practice languages.

2. Introduction to stretch
Every day we stretch at the hostel to properly address the daily exercise in order to prevent any injury.

3. Daily skate contests
We do daily competitions to motivate the participants in their development during their stay at the camp.

4. Environmental activities
With this program and through practical workshops we make our campers aware of the protection and conservation of the environment.

5. Creative workshop
We stimulate the creativity of each participant using art-related workshops. Painting classes, creating t-shirts, etc.

6. Relax area
We have a “chill area” at the lodge where participants, in their free time, are able to rest and relax. We have a "skate library" where kids can find all kinds of books, magazines and videos related to skateboarding. Also material related to art and the environment.

7. BBQ's
Campers participate with us in the development of the barbecues that we carry out during the week. On the day of their departure, all parents are invited to come pick up their children and eat with us, sharing with them all the experiences lived throughout the week.

8. Element Skatecamp Blog
All participants will help the team of monitors to update the blog camp daily, with photos, comments, etc. so that their families can follow their updates and date to date activities at the skate camps.

9. Other activities
The surroundings of the base camp enable us to carry out many other activities where the campers have a blast.