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Among nature but only a 15 minute drive from Bilbao we have a whole hostel for our use during the Skate Camp. Here campers rest, enjoy, carry out all our scheduled activities and skate, since we have our own mini ramp at the facilities!!

The hostel is located in Güeñes, on the eastern area of the Encartaciones region. It is surrounded by a privileged environment where one can rest, skate, enjoy nature and all the different activities included in the program.

There are endless green areas, recreation and relaxation facilities as well as hiking and trekking trails.


Only 2 minutes walk from the hostel we have an area where we will skate the "Element Drop Spot Obstacles" and our Streetpark, where the campers will be able to enjoy a variety of fix street modules during the whole week.


We will carry out daily visits to the best skateparks around the Basque Country and Cantabria.