Basque Country

Mungia Skatepark

Built recently, this skatepark is ideal for all our campers, as it has street obstacles and transitions for any kind of level, and is quiet and surrounded by nature.

Basque Country

Basauri Skatepark

A typical Basque Country skatepark with banks, but with the smoothest finish. It also has ledges, a small snake ramp, a quarter with pool coping and a half-pipe ideal for those who want to start skating big transitions.

Basque Country

Galdakao Skatepark

The perfect skatepark for rainy days. It has a wide bowl, ideal to learn to carve. Our Element Drop Spots are the best addition to this park.

Basque Country

Leioa Skatepark

It is so big you will not be able to see at one glimpse what this whole park offers: two street courses one for beginners and one for experienced riders), stairs, ledges, eurogaps... and many transitions for those who are into ramps.

Basque Country

UK Indoor Skatepark

A wooden indoor paradise for rainy dayts. Half-pipe, bowl, mini ramps, street courses... And all this exclusive for us.

Basque Country

Vitoria Skatepark

Daniel Yabar, skater and architect, is designing different and innovative parks. Vitoria is one of them. This skatepark has the best finishes, complete and unique lines with obstacles and ramps for all levels.


Castro Urdiales Skatepark

One of the biggest half-pipes in the country, next to a small but very complete street course and a 2-levelled mini ramp for beginners and more experienced riders. The beach is only a few meters away. A perfect plan.

NOTE: the organization will decide what skateparks to attend on a daily basis depending on the weather conditions.